What are my consultations? 馃槉

Jacek Jerzy Szczepi艅ski

Consultation? What consultations? What does it mean? How do you help people? How do you work? What are you doing to them? These are the most common questions people ask me for. I will answer in a rather long, but necessary and interesting way, because the seriousness of what I do and what I write about requires it 馃槉

In my entries in the “About Me” and “Consultations” links, I described what happened in my life and where I got the skills to help people with their health problems of the physical body and problems with releasing blockages of their spiritual body. I am not a bioenergy therapist, a man with a pendulum, a numerologist, or an expert in tarot cards and holistic therapies, I do not have a magic ball or other attributes that could make me a fortune teller or miracle worker. The whole meaning of my actions is the boundless faith in our Universe Creator, whom I met, who appeared during my clinical death in May 2015 and who enabled me to use his power, strength, wisdom, and consciousness during my activities during which I activate its energies for people asking for help. He, among others, proposed to me to create this website and provided me with the necessary content I posted. What I am writing now is also his message. Our Universe Creator proved to me that a man living on Earth develops his subconscious abilities during his life by building the strength of his physical body effectively and logically, and in this way, he also builds the purity of his spiritual body. As we know, these two bodies create the most important human body, namely the energy body 馃槉

*to be continued