The energy body of man is formed as a result of the total flow of energy in the physical and spiritual body. One can be a super athlete, but a mediocre and fallen spiritual being. It is rare that the spiritual body is great and the physical body is barely alive. Why? Because the spiritual body is the vibration of the heart, and the heart is an organ that, like no other, can generate huge deposits of energy, similar to the frequencies, and vibrations in force in the Universe. These are really high vibrations.
The physical body, on the other hand, is the human brain. Unlike the heart, there is no more complex organ in the universe than the brain. The energies it can generate without the energy of the heart are usually low-vibration, destructive, shallow, and
mundane 馃槉

For example. The human brain without heart vibration is like a car without a battery or a picture without content. Imagine the same brain powered by heart vibrations. An example may be the first love or the so-called butterflies in the stomach. During true and sincere love between two people, heart vibrations can create a voltage on one cell membrane with a frequency of about 8 amperes. The human body has about 50 trillion and even 70 trillion cells. So let’s multiply these values: 50 trillion times 8 amps. It’s the energy of a small power plant. Two people who love each other can create an electromagnetic field, an aura, which is felt even within a radius of 5 kilometers. The human brain is then in a state that a proverb defines as – You can move mountains. However, when the heart is blocked, people look for activities thanks to which they want to recreate these vibrations, but they can’t do it, and then there is frustration, depression, and sadness 馃槉

Spiritual people have the opportunity to recreate and feel these amazing energies, vibrations, and frequency among the 4 elements of the Earth. If there is a partner next to such a person who is also spiritual and feels these elements, the places where they are can create a substitute for paradise for them. The presence of cool people also gives such opportunities. The worst is when human concrete comes to such a place, i.e. people detached from the matrix for a moment to escape from it. They can then screw up even the most beautiful experiences and places with their energy. Recently, however, I noticed that when I am in such a wonderful place with the 4 elements of the Earth in the 5th dimension, the so-called 5D, low energies, vibrations, and frequencies of such people can no longer do me as much harm as they used to 馃槉

In conclusion. Water, Earth, Air, and Fire are attributes and powerful weapons in the hands of spiritual people. Co-creation and co-feeling in the energies of love and the 4 elements of the Earth are the commandments of spiritual growth by Jacek Jerzy Szczepi艅ski No. 5 and 6. Of course, let’s not go to extremes. Spiritual human beings should commune with the 4 elements of the Earth and be fully immersed in them, not only by communing with silence but also by bathing in water, preferably clean water, boating, fishing, picking mushrooms, using physical activity in the form of riding cycling, walking, playing volleyball or irreplaceable ping-pong. You can listen to the sounds of nature at the evening and night bonfires. You can feel pleasure, joy, and happiness from it. In the hands of low energies, the 4 elements of the Earth are only a temporary escape from concreting. 馃槉

Drinking alcohol since the morning, thoughts and sentences created as if by moronic, retarded, fallen beings, loud conversations to attract attention and show that I am here too, but a little differently, curses, lying flat all day so that the neighbors can see from their parched skin that they were on an exotic vacation. Another strong weapon in the hands of human concrete is one-meter beach screens and loud music (hopefully not disco polo), which drowns out the silence that surrounds us, our thoughts, and beautiful sensations, which are undoubtedly the sounds of nature playing their music beautifully 馃槉