Lyme disease. Are only ticks to blame? It turns out that they are the least of the problems 馃槉


What is Lyme disease? What causes it? Any consideration of this disease should begin with these questions. I always try to look for the cause of the disease, not to treat its effects. Well, Lyme is a contagious disease. This is the answer to the first question. It is caused by bacteria called Borrelia spirochetes. Most information says it is a tick-borne disease. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Yes, by ticks too, but also by horse flies and mosquitoes. Most often, however, Lyme disease is transmitted sexually. Yes Yes. By having sexual intercourse 馃槉

Bacteria that cause this disease for a long time may not give typical symptoms, such as skin problems, problems with joints, the nervous system and the heart, but above all, a visible decrease in human immunity. Many people do not associate these ailments with Lyme disease anyway, because many of them have never had contact with ticks. With a mosquito? Yes. With a horse fly? Also. Or maybe they had sex with a person who simply had these Borrelia spirochetes, these bacteria. If a person is healthy and takes care of his immunity, this bacterium is very often in the so-called dormant (no mutation). However, if the human body loses this immunity due to a decrease in immunity, e.g. caused by a cold, until it is cured or some time after, the bacteria take advantage of its weakness and begin to multiply (their mutation appears). Depending on how strong the human body is, these bacteria grow slower in people who have strong immunity, and faster in others if this immunity is weak. This state of affairs applies to many diseases, e.g. cancer 馃槉

I first came into contact with a person suffering from Lyme disease in 2017. At that time, I had already had a detailed, over a month long training on how to use millimeter waves in the case of a disease called Lyme disease. Fortunately for this person who has never had contact with a tick, I told her what could be the reason for her deteriorating health. I explained to her that after the flu illness (3 weeks), another bacterial infection could have occurred, which could be Lyme disease, which in a quite significant way caused chronic fatigue in this person and, for the first time in her life, severe pain in her left and right leg . Research confirmed my words 馃槉

Why are millimeter waves so effective in fighting this disease? First of all, because the signal sent during their operation on the human body, for 10 minutes of the repair program, changes every 3 seconds. So it changes its frequency all the time, its vibrations, vibrations in the range between 45 and 60 GHz. Let us remember that the Biotrem SB device is programmed in such a way that the millimeter wave frequency level emitted by this device is always in the range between 45 – 90 GHz, i.e. in such a way that the voltage on the human cell membrane is always in the standard, ideal, recommended state, strong, that is, healthy. I remind you that the electrical charge of a healthy human cell is just like that. Since the human body has over 50 trillion cells in its physical body, it is important that the millimeter waves emitted from the device are strong and dispersed enough to keep this gigantic number of cells in the human body at all times, in a state of their ideal and ideal voltage. Then the immunity of the human body immediately increases 馃槉

In addition, the signal sent at different frequencies makes the Borrelia spirochetes unable to tune to one signal, to one vibration, vibrate and die. For example, a sick person who regularly takes drugs for Lyme disease must be aware that after some time the Borrelia spirochetes become resistant to it and the disease progresses further. Let us also remember that with millimeter waves we can structure water, which accelerates the hydration of human cells, and thus also removes confused bad bacteria from the human body. This signal does not affect and does not remove bacteria that are good for it from the human body, because they live in it in frequencies, vibrations, vibrations friendly to the human body, so between 45 and 90 GHz 馃槉

There are other beneficial effects of millimeter waves during Lyme treatment, but I don’t want to describe everything now so as not to overwhelm some people reading this article with too much information 馃槉

In sum. Efficiency and non-invasiveness are the best advertisement for this method of Lyme disease treatment. I am posting the entire description of how it should work during its duration. More information resulting from my experience in working with Biotr SB, millimeter waves and Lyme disease I will gladly provide by phone or email. I invite everyone interested to contact me 馃槉