A novelty that many people around the world have been waiting for 馃槉

biotrem sb

The “Energy” program is used to balance the energy in the human body, restoring its movement in energy channels and meridians, maintaining its efficiency during times of stress. During increased loads on the physical body, the “Energy” program increases the adaptive abilities of the human body and improves its well-being  A novelty that many people around the world have been waiting for 馃槉

The “Energy” program of the Biotrem SB device allows you to perform an energy massage of the entire human body, and thus distribute this energy throughout the human body. Energy massage is a set of special activities that allow you to restore and harmonize the flow of energy in the human body according to the so-called channel-energy settings, i.e. the standard parameters of human meridians. Through these activities, we eliminate excess energy in one place and move it to places where physical disorders appeared 馃槉

Each body, in addition to the physical shell, also has the appropriate vibrations and frequencies. The state of the energy field depends on the state of the human aura. Her field is created by the work of energy through receptors, also called chakras. Each chakra is associated with a specific internal organ of the human body. When there is not enough energy or there is an excess of it, there is an inflammatory focus in the human body, ailment, or disease. Starting the flow of energy through these channels can be disrupted due to the blockage of the energy channels. When one of the meridians is blocked, the energy stops and then flows to other channels, some to a lesser extent, to others more. In this way, an excess of energy is created in some meridians and a lack of it in others. Both situations have the same negative impact on the work of the human body. Violation of the harmony of energy flow in the human body leads to the blocking of individual chakras 馃槉

Energy massage is used to restore the work of all chakras and strengthen human energy. Energy massage is more durable and gentler than classic massage. The effect on the tissues occurs due to the electromagnetic pulse of very low power. During such an energy session, the energy goes to every human cell, to every organ, to renew and regain proper work and awaken the natural forces of man 馃槉

This energy cannot be harmful to the human physical body because it enters and is absorbed, and its excess is removed outside the human body. These impulses accelerate metabolic processes and activate the self-healing mechanisms of the physical body. In order to achieve energy balance in the body, it is necessary to operate the Biotrem SB device on specific zones and points. Then the meridians are activated and the person feels the passing state of negative emotions, improvement of health, and over time purification of the body 馃槉

Let’s start actions now to restore all the functions of our physical body, the total state of its energy balance, or homeostasis 馃槉