Now, or never!

Commandment 1


One compression in the human spine is more than 150 different ailments and later diseases. If you want to be healthy – go to a physiotherapist. This is the first and most important step 😊

Commandment 2


What is the carrier of nutrients in the human body ? Of course water.

Water = H2O, 80% of the human body. Drink water, not sewage ! You will never be healthy without water 😊

Commandment 3

milimeter waves

The standard voltage on a human cell membrane is 90 milivolts. This is our health, this is our life. About 50 trillion of our cells must have this voltage to not get sick and live. Millimeter waves in the service of human health and life. Hundreds of uses 😊

Commandment 4


People get sick because they can’t breathe. Let’s learn to breathe correctly. We have too much oxygen and not enough natural carbon dioxide. A large amount of oxygen means a large number of free radicals in human body and thus acidification. Let’s take care of our right pH 😊

Commandment 5 – soda

Let’s drink baking soda. In the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening 30 minutes before going to bed. 3 weeks and 1 week off. Let’s support the deacidification of our human bodies. Let’s take care of our pH balance 😊

Commandment  6 – omega3

Drink only with the micellization formula ! If your Omega3 does not dissolve in water, pour it down the sink. Omega3 is essential for human life and health 😊

Commandment 7 – walks

The walk is the production of vitamin B. The walk is vitamin D. The walk is a great working muscle fascia. Walking means skillful breathing and acid-base balance 😊

Commandment 8 – ozonation

Let’s ozonize the rooms we live in. Let’s ozonize our food: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and others. Ozone kills bad bacteria, viruses, mites, odors and other pests 😊

Remember !!!😊

Commandments: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 = 85% of human health and life.

Are you sick ?

Look at the first 8 commandments 😊

Commandment 9 – food

Healthy food is not processed. At temperatures above 40 degrees, meat cells die. So why eat them ? Oil and temperature 40+ are tumors and thrombosis. Sugar kills the cardiovascular system. Eat raw or steamed and ozonated 😊

Commandment 10 – supplements

5% of human health and life. Dietary supplement – not food. Micellization and lyophilization are indicators of good supplements. For a while, not for life 😊