Biotrem SB

PART 1 馃槉

Biotrem SB and millimeter waves in the service of human health and life. Home doctor for life 馃槉

Millimeter waves with a frequency (45 – 90 GHz) emitted by the Biotrem SB device and transmitted through gallium arsenic – the best guide in the world for this purpose, are the most friendly frequencies and vibrations for the human body 馃槉

Thanks to the millimeter wave emission program – specially programmed by scientists in the Biotrem SB device  – we can e.g. neutralize the effect of electromagnetic wave fields (meter, decimeter, centimeter waves) that are harmful to us on millimeter waves that are beneficial, even healing for the human body. This is done by breaking these harmful waves with a very strong and strong millimeter wave emission from the Biotrem SB device. Unlike other waves and electromagnetic fields, millimeter waves cannot do any harm to humans, because people and their cells, and the proper voltage on these cells, correspond to the range of frequencies, and vibrations of millimeter waves, i.e. 45 – 90 GHz. So it can be said that a human being as being having on the membrane of his (over 50 trillion) cells a standard voltage in the range between 70 and 90 millivolts is electric being, and the ideal equivalent of the standard voltage is the frequency of millimeter waves 45 – 90 GHz 馃槉

The Biotrem SB device and the millimeter waves it emits eliminate the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, including 5G. After turning it on, it protects us and our loved ones in an area of about 100 m2 in front of these fields!!!!! Please note that program 1 of the Biotrem SB device runs for 30 minutes, but after the device switches itself off, it is in the so-called awake for about 3, 4 hours more 馃槉

The same millimeter waves emitted from the Biotrem SB device change the charge of the water molecules in the air from positive (harmful) to negative (healing). For example Any bacteria (virus) harmful to humans, e.g. Covid19, can attach to the positive charge of the water molecule in the air, never to the negative charge of the water molecule. Bad bacteria (viruses) that approach such a negative charge are immediately neutralized, destroyed, and deactivated 馃槉

So if someone wants to use the device only to protect themselves and their family from harmful electromagnetic fields and bad bacteria (viruses), all they have to do is turn on the device every 5 hours throughout the day, i.e. 3 or 4 times a day 馃槉

PART 2 馃槉

Biotrem SB and millimeter waves. Water structuring 馃槉

Structured water is a miracle of nature for man. Remember – WATER!!! H2O!! Not sewage! Liquids from your home tap and store shelves are not water. So we structure the water with program 1 for about one or two minutes. Thanks to millimeter waves, 6-molecular hexagonal bonds are formed in our water. Thanks to these bonds, our structured water is absorbed into our cells (over 50 trillion) in real-time and instantly hydrates them. Thanks to this process, our human cells are immediately ready to receive, transport, and nourish our bodies by properly absorbing the nutrients we consume 馃槉

Not properly hydrated cells will never accept, absorb, or receive such nutrients. For example. Drinking one cup of coffee is the process of separating it from water and structuring it by our body for about 6 to 12 hours. Hydration of the body with a liquid called coffee or other beverages is impossible. Why? Because the human body will not be able to carry out the whole process of structuring this fluid and we will excrete everything in the toilet before our cells rehydrate with it 馃槉

Does this mean people shouldn’t drink coffee? Of course not. You can drink coffee. I’m just pointing out that coffee should be consumed when the human body is hydrated. If it is not properly hydrated, coffee drunk by a person can cause many diseases in the human body, for example, a rapid loss of magnesium, and thus immunity. It’s the same with teas, juices, coca-cola, red bull, beer, and liquids in plastic bottles, insistently called water, which are really sewage, not water. I will also mention harmful sugar called white death 馃槉

Structuring the water makes one more important thing happen to it. Millimeter waves erase water’s memory, which is even more important than just structuring it 馃槉

Let’s remember. Let’s drink water, H2O, not sewage 馃槉

PART 3 馃槉

Biotrem SB and millimeter waves. Stopping the aging processes of the human physical body thanks to millimeter waves and its stem cells 馃槉

This is magic for many people, but that’s just the way it is. It’s science. The memory of our stem cells is stored in the human thymus from our birth to death. Access to this secret, to our stem cells, is like finding and having the Holy Grail 馃槉

With this knowledge, we can stop the aging of our physical bodies. Our stem cells stop our cells from dividing too quickly at different ages in our bodies. They rejuvenate our internal organs and thus rejuvenate our inner appearance (endocosmetic), which has a huge impact on our outer appearance (young appearance). Only our stem cells are safe for ourselves, for our DNA. Unlike elk stem cells, which have become very popular recently, they do not contain parasites called teratomas, which, like e.g. protein spikes have a very negative impact on our blood, digestive and immune systems 馃槉

Thanks to the Biotrem SB device and millimeter waves, we can do it at home. In peace and quiet. Non-invasive. In addition, we can apply the read stem cells to the pulse of the left or right hand throughout the day, increasing their penetration into our circulatory system, and thus accelerating the rejuvenation processes of our physical body. It’s really amazing 馃槉

PART 4 馃槉

Biotrem SB and millimeter waves. How to avoid sudden death? 馃

Disturbed work of the human circulatory system and a decrease in the standard voltage on human cell membranes is the beginning of serious health ailments, and thus a high probability of developing deadly diseases. The standard voltage on a human cell membrane is 70 – 90 millivolts. Oxidative stress, inadequate hydration, poor diet, urban smog, and above all, the action of various electromagnetic fields, including 5G, is a daily reduction of this voltage and an increase in blood contamination in the circulatory systems, which are so important for human health – the heart and lungs 馃

The human body defends itself in various ways to cope with these loads, but there comes a moment when it is unable to do so. What happens then? The tension on human cell membranes drops, and the erythrocytes (red blood cells) in our blood system stick together, creating very dangerous clots, and blockages that can lead to the so-called very popular today. Sudden death 馃

If the voltage on the human cell membrane drops below 50 millivolts, our body gives strong signs that something is wrong in our physical bodies. The first ailments and diseases are created 馃

If, however, the voltage on human cell membranes drops below 20 millivolts, the drama begins in the human physical body. Our healthy cells turn into impaired cells or cancer cells. In addition, there is a problem with blood clotting and intercellular communication. Consequences? Thrombosis, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and all the rest of other ailments and deadly diseases that we know well as laymen 馃 Let us also remember that the vaccine against the so-called Covid19 is also ideal for weakening the tension on human cell membranes and creating a problem with blood clotting in humans. Graphene oxide and spike proteins are ideal for causing the above-mentioned effects. Start acting while you still have time 馃

PART 5 馃槉

Biotrem SB and millimeter waves. How to build human immunity using the Biotrem SB device and millimeter waves? 馃

The point I show in the video is called Jg 4 by the Chinese, recognizing it as one of the four gates. I call it “the bottom” 馃

We apply Biotrem SB to this part of our body with program 1 turned on. In this way, we build the immunity of our body. Operation time about 30 minutes 馃

PART 6 馃槉

Biotrem SB and millimeter waves. Jacek Jerzy as TERMINATOR 馃

This is the knowledge that many people consider to be magic or fiction. For me, it is the daily use of information, which information is every human being. We all have our own vibration and frequency. Depending on how we care for them, we are them every day. A different vibration,frequency is a summer stay in the sun, by the sea on the island of Maldives, and a different stay during the same period at work, in the city heat and smog 馃

Everything is information and everything has information. Therefore, we can be everything or nothing using the right vibrations and frequencies. We can be something happy or something sad, something free or something trapped, something healthy or something sick 馃

Biotrem SB gives the human body everything good, nice, safe, healthy, and necessary. Today, we can read information from food and health products, i.e. information about them. Their vibrations and frequencies are transmitted to human cells. The human body will always recognize the frequency, vibration, vibration of magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, vitamin C, etc. etc. 馃

Millimeter waves in the service of human health and human life. I recommend 馃

PART 7 馃槉

Biotrem SB and millimeter waves. How to build human immunity to be healthy and not get sick? 馃

Non-invasive. No puncture and no pain. Without stress. Every day in peace. Homemade magnesium drip with millimeter waves 馃

PART 8 馃槉

NEW Biotrem SB. NEW Program No. 3 鈥 鈥濫NERGY鈥馃

How to build human life energy? How to unlock human chakras? How to diagnose the cause of your malaise?

Print. Read. Understand. Work. Good luck. Do it like this – Zr贸bTak馃憤