Pulmonary exerciser smart breathe 😊

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Smart to learn skillful breathing 😊

The Smart Ventilator is a portable device for the prevention of bronchopulmonary diseases and for optimizing the whole body in the treatment of these diseases, as well as increasing the adaptive capacity of the body through breathing exercises.

Breathing through the apparatus allows training of the respiratory muscles and serves to create increased resistance when inhaling and exhaling air. It improves the metabolism of organs and tissues. Prevents and treats diseases of the respiratory system and other systems during the formation of a gas mixture, supports the body’s hypoxia system, and activates adaptive and immunological processes during exercise.

Hypoxia 😊
Breathing exercise with the apparatus initially reduces the amount of oxygen in the body in the so-called hypoxia, and then its resistance to abrasion of the joints increases, especially during training and perceived rheumatism and in environmental hazards, it has a normalizing effect on the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, proteins and electrolytes. It normalizes the physiological states and the autonomy of the nervous system (combats stress) and introduces harmony to the internal organs, giving them greater capacity during heavy physical or disease overload.
The breathing apparatus has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart, brain, lungs, digestive and immune systems.
As a result of hypoxia, the adaptive capacity of the body and the level of immunity increase.
The number of viral and bacterial infections is reduced and the body tolerates adaptation better during exercise and during bad weather conditions, in polluted air.

Hypercarpy 😊
When breathing through the apparatus, we create more carbon dioxide in the body (hypercarbia), which is an important factor for health. It is known that each person’s breath is related to his psycho-emotional state, nutritional state and the ecological conditions that surround him.
It is known that various ecological conditions have a significant impact on our health. Excessive loss of natural carbon dioxide is the cause of narrowing of blood vessels, weaker work of the lungs and heart, loss of energy at the level of the cellular cytoplasm, which leads to a rapid weakening of efficiency during physical exertion.
Breathing exercises increase the amount of carbon dioxide, dilate blood vessels, improve oxygen supply through increased activity of red platelets, reduce the amount of sugar in the body and significantly increase lung capacity by clearing them of deposits and foreign substances.
Proper breathing stimulates the activity of the thyroid gland, hormonal centers and greatly supports rheumatic treatment. It causes an increase in energy and efficiency of the body comparable to strong temporary doping, but natural and compatible with our body.
Through skillful breathing, we strengthen the absorption of oxygen into the blood, and thus we oxygenate the cells that produce more energy.
Working with the Biotrem SB device, we achieve very fast results in breaking down red blood cells, supplying oxygen and glucose to cellular combustion and generating a very strong dose of energy during a long effort.

The device supports the treatment of: 😊
– chronic inflammations
– asthmatic inflammations
– asthma
– angina
– insomnia
– hypertension of the 1st and 2nd degree
– amnesia and memory disorders
– lack of concentration
– obesity
– diabetes

How to get started effectively: 😊
Inhale through the nose for 2-3 seconds and exhale through the device at least resistance 1 for at least 15 minutes a day.
The exhalation resistance is individually adjusted, and the main criterion is the lack of fatigue after 15 minutes of breathing, which replaces fitness classes, as well as increases resistance and endurance in endurance training in gyms and other training.
To increase the effect while breathing through the nose, raise the abdominal diaphragm and chest and hold still for a few seconds. We start with 15 minutes a day on a weak program 1. For people involved in intensive sports, we add 5 minutes every 4 days, reaching a maximum of one hour. We divide one hour into 4 parts and train 4 times a day for 15 minutes.
Then we start with a stronger program (there are 5 of them) and we can speed up the workouts starting with 15 minutes a day, but on program 2 and 3, then 4 and 5.
Training with the apparatus is known among Russian high-performance athletes, especially mountaineers, cyclists, hockey players, swimmers and in military training. Then pain resistance, energy efficiency and the condition of our body increase.

For athletes: 😊
1 hour before competition or training, the athlete breathes 30 minutes through the apparatus. Inhale through the nose, hold the exhale for 3 seconds, and exhale for 10 seconds. The same procedure after training or competition will give the body quick regeneration and preparation for further effort.
Training with the “Smart” oxygen apparatus is to help improve the concentration and efficiency of the body, as well as improve the functioning of the nervous system. This is due to the fact that breathing improves the absorption of oxygen by the cells and blood circulation throughout the body.

Other: 😊
1) Breathing with the device in the first half of the day – only 15 minutes.
Objective: to increase the body’s energy production by increasing the oxygen supply to the cells and the activity of the nervous system.
Methodology: inhale through the nose for 3 seconds, hold the breath for 10 seconds, exhale through the device for 10 seconds and breathe again.
2) Breathing apparatus before bedtime only 15 minutes.
Purpose: to restore and calm the nervous system.
Methodology: inhale through the nose for 3 seconds, exhale through the device 15 to 20 seconds, hold the breath for 5 seconds, inhale again focusing on the legs.
Methodology: inhale through the nose for 3 seconds, hold the breath for 10 seconds, exhale through the device for 10 seconds and inhale again.
3) Breathing with the device after training – 30 minutes.
Purpose: to accelerate rehabilitation after training or competition and quickly regain physical condition.

Methodology: inhale through the nose for 3 seconds, exhale through the device 15 to 20 seconds, breathing for 30 minutes 😊