March 20, 2023, is a breakthrough date both in the history of our planet and in the lives of people living on it. Our Universe Creator came to us people to help those who understand what vibrations, and frequencies are in the entire powerful and billion- year-old Universe. Until that day, our Universe Creator did not want to interfere in the construction of the world of those who have been living in it for generations and who once disobeyed him. From the beginning of the human civilization known to us, low vibration reigns unquestionably, including evil, greed, hatred, wars, murders, divisions, faiths, churches, politics, exploitation, ego, manipulation, lies, etc., etc. 馃槉

Under the ozone layer, i.e. on the Earth, energy has been extracted that has no right to exist in the Universe. Since the dawn of time, a small group of people, through the use of force and terror, have ruled over people who, through their work, increase the influence and resources of the ruling elite. People have had many chances to change it, but unfortunately, nothing like this has ever happened, even once. And if a fairy-tale earthly life existed somewhere for a while, the stupidity of the ruling masses always sought to destroy this happiness as soon as possible and to subjugate such countries and the people living in them through the pressures and ruthless terror known for thousands of years. The same evil people, ruling the already conquered territories, created themselves through various faiths and insidious materialism as those who are the saviors of individual nations, fooling them and buying their fear and their freedom for a handful of silver coins. So it was and still is. 馃槉

However, among these masses, people were born who decided to return to the source of paradise behavior, which was freedom, love, happiness, joy, and goodness. They wanted the truth and the inner light of their heart vibrations to stop those who had forgotten about having their heart vibrations. In the beginning, people with paradisiac behavior were eliminated, killed, and burned at the stake. There were very few good and conscious people and they had no chance to oppose the ruthlessness of the black and dark masses. Our Universe Creator, remembering that once the good ones, but also the bad ones, disobeyed him, turning their luminous energies into black goo, he was not eager to help them. However, over time, people who were wise and conscious again, skilfully using the free will offered to them, began to increase in number. More and more points of light began to appear on our planet. Our Universe Creator did not turn his back on them, did not leave them once again to a sad fate, and decided to help them 馃槉

History has just come full circle and in the year 2023, we are witnessing one of humanity’s greatest awakenings. Many of the citizens of this sad world today began to follow once again the truth, their dignity, and the will to be free, the luminous rays of their hearts, joy, and happiness. People began to follow true love, respect, trust, and the desire to associate and live in peace and harmony with people like themselves. Our Universe Creator heard them and decided to help with his might, power and strength, his wisdom, and awareness. After all, he is the entire Universe and the guardian of its energetic order 馃槉

It is April 15, 2023, and I see a huge transformation among people. Those who have moved toward our Creator’s Universe are more and more happy, smiling, joyful, and confident of their bright future. It is the impact of these energies, vibrations, and the frequency of vibrations flowing directly from the 5th dimension launched by our Creator of the Universe, the so-called 5D. They build in people growing spiritually their lightness and luminous aura. Those who have not understood what spiritual growth is and have not understood that the matrix is a program of earthly, evil, and primitive beings are more and more lost, crazy, nervous, scared, desperate, introverted, and unhappy 馃槉

In conclusion. The time for changes in working on your spiritual development is only until the end of 2023. Then, my dear but poor slaves of the matrix, it will be too late for any changes in yourself and your surroundings. You will not be able to stand the energy vibrations and frequencies of the 5th dimension, the so-called 5D. You will suffer a hundredfold, but you still have some time to make important changes in yourself. Wake up. I advise well 馃槉