Before I write a few words about myself, I would like to thank my friends and charges whom I helped with their health problems and spiritual dilemmas: Justynka, Ewa, Ma艂gosia, Anitka, Beata, Ania, Alicja, Kalinka, Aneta, Arek, Luiza, Iwona, Natalia, Joasia, Monika, Krzysztof, Agnieszka, Kasia, Marzenia, Miros艂awa, Tomasz, Eli, Micha艂, Basia, Zosia, Martyna, Sylwia, Szymon, Ilona, Sebastian, Teresa, Andrzej, Dominica, Karolina, Piotr and others who mobilized me to create this page. A special thank you to Patricia, who trusted me in her very difficult period of life and allowed me to act, despite various adversities in her young life 馃槉

I’m only 50 years old, but I’ve had experiences in my life that make me feel like I’ve lived 500 years. There are so many experiences that my friends persuaded me to write a book about them. I even have its title – On the other side of the Sun, or how I met our Universe’s Creator. Anetka will also be her heroine, so I can write now that it was with her that we came up with this title, in a very difficult period of our lives for both of us. But to the point 馃槉

Jacek Jerzy Szczepi艅ski 馃憤

Jacek Jerzy Szczepi艅ski

I made this website, I made videos that I posted on my YouTube and Instagram channels because I was fed up with hypocrisy, manipulation, and calculation of the groups of people who rule our world and their influence, who for me are ordinary bandits, thieves and murderers of unaware people living on our planet who, through their confusion, fear, lack of knowledge, loss of freedom and unprecedented trust – trusted them. I wanted to do it earlier and use my almost 30 years of experience in human health and even longer experience in the so-called. spiritual development, but bluntly admit – I was afraid. I wanted to live peacefully, help locally and not lean out in front of the so-called. orchestra, but a few of my life experiences and the resulting teachings and knowledge, as well as moving from the 3rd dimension to the 5th so-called 5 D made the fear disappear overnight, and writing these words now I state fully consciously that – I don’t care what will happen to me for spreading and writing the truth 馃槉

From now on, I am no longer afraid of poor freemasons, who, i.e. the world health organization, politicians, followers of various isms, including Catholicism, producers of junk food, chemical cloud sprayers with airplanes flying over our heads, and other services that destroy the lives of people and the lives of other species on my beautiful planet. I write how it is and how it should be. matrix, i.e. total hypocrisy, hypocrisy, control, and the illusion of life, from now on I am not interested at all 馃槉

Let one of the examples of the truth and nothing but the truth be widely discussed by earthly idiots and such manipulators – the problem of food production in the world and shrinking areas of the Earth, which according to statistical data is inhabited by too many people, because over 8 billion people. I ask ironically – Seriously? I was traveling recently in Poland, from Elbl膮g to Warsaw. About 290 km. On the left and right, I watched the views from the moving car all the time, and I saw huge stretches of undeveloped Earth all the way. So I ask – where is the problem with the production of healthy food? Where is this huge problem with overpopulation of the Earth? I think the problem lies elsewhere. If people could and would start to produce healthy food on these huge tracts of land, there would be too much of it. So why can’t they? After all, if each person was given 1 hectare of land with the obligation to cultivate something, the problem with food would disappear not for 8 billion people, but for 50 billion. The same goes for overcrowding. Any family that lived in such an area would be free and happy. There is also a question of why someone forbids a farmer from having animals, growing tobacco, and other things that seem obvious and natural from the human point of view. Why are Polish fishermen forbidden to fish? I will tell you why. Because on our planet, with such actions of world freemasonry, the human fear that drives the world economy would disappear once and for all. Imagine waking up in the morning and there are no problems in the world. There may be no electricity, say politicians. Really? Can you imagine 1 day in the current times, without the control of the stupid masses of people? No ads or creating hate. No terrifying information about Covid19, wars, inflation, and other lies. Such questions are salt in the eyes of world-ruling dullness. If people were free, control over the ordinary man would collapse, who is and will continue to be a slave of the programmed system. After all, if farmers were allowed to cultivate various goods, hunger in the world would disappear, philanthropy, which is financed with taxpayers’ money and thanks to which money stolen from the state budget can also be laundered, foundations, excise taxes, vat, poverty would disappear, and people would feel really free and happy. That’s what “they” definitely don’t want. Slavery will continue 馃槉

I will give one more example of the thousands that come from the world’s hypocrisy and lies. Is Africa running out of water? Seriously? It’s just another utopia. There is too much water in the world, and the technology of treating seawater into drinkable water has been known for at least 50 years. Well, yes, but then you wouldn’t be able to steal from happy, hydrated, well-fed, conscious Africans. There would not be so much gold, diamonds, and other riches from Africa, stolen by the USA, Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and other countries that care so much about the safety and well-being of the whole world on a daily basis. And this is the matrix, i.e. the illusion of actions for the good of people and for their happy and peaceful lives. The Matrix, or a complete distortion of reality. There are thousands of examples and billions of people. However, a few people standing at the top of this mindless pyramid, launch activities every day that make this huge number of people manipulated and directed to activities that are supposed to give them a substitute for happiness in an illusion of life organized especially for them, a concentration camp or simply a prison 馃槉

Against this global fraud, the website Do it like this and the activities of Jacek Jerzy Szczepi艅ski were launched. Tons of truth, no fear. Tons of action to free people from global slavery. This system must collapse and it will happen soon, thanks to our Universe Creator, who through the 5th dimension of the so-called 5D will protect wise and conscious people from a thorough cleansing of the Earth from scum and rogues, which will undoubtedly take place soon. Living in truth, helping, and making others aware is the most beautiful gift from ourselves to ourselves because thanks to it we will be able to live forever and enjoy this happy life on the new Earth, forever and ever. It is certain that for selected people, such a life will soon begin 馃槉

Greetings and I invite you to familiarize yourself with the content of my website Do it like this 馃槉

Broadness in thinking and acting wishes you 馃槉

Jacek Jerzy Szczepi艅ski